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A Fresh Lease of Life

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By, Charan Singh

Zindagi Foundation

In its days of yore(A Fresh Lease of Life), undivided Bihar was dubbed the ‘Knowledge Capital’ of the world. In an endeavor to carry forward the legacy, two gentlemen didn’t leave any stone unturned. One is Mr. Anand Kumar of Super30 fame and the other one is Mr. Ajay Bahadoor Singh. Fortunately for us, Mr. Singh chose Odisha as his ‘Karma Bhoomi’ (workplace). 

Being the son of an engineer(A Fresh Lease of Life), his childhood was a smooth sailnurtured by strong family values imbued with a spiritual outlook. 

All hell broke loose when he(A Fresh Lease of Life) discovered that his father was diagnosed with kidney disease that demanded a transplant. Despite being shattered, he had no luxury to sit back and nurse his father.

He had to abandon his medical entrance preparation. His affairs with misfortune continued as he immersed himself in earning money.

His earnings were paltry as compared to medical expenses. Staring at despair, he was depressed to the extent of committing suicide.

As the cliche goes, what’s in a name, but it was Mr. Ajay Bahadooor Singh’s name that gave the much-needed inspiration and rescued him from committing suicide.

After dabbling in some menial marketing jobs, he(A Fresh Lease of Life) helped the ‘BolBom’devotees mitigate the hassles. This speaks volumes about his spiritual values instilled by his parents.

After an interregnum of three years, on his father’s insistence, he went to Patna to complete his graduation. There, his tryst with teaching bloomed.

He’s staying in a dingy house with students just to teach them effectively is a testament to his dedication towards the profession. In the meantime, Bihar was engulfed by mayhem.

A spurt of criminal activities erupted, compelling Mr. Singh to explore other options. Meanwhile, he(A Fresh Lease of Life) couldn’t resist the magnetism of Lord Jagannath, Puri as he could visualize the faint picture of the presiding deity of Puri.

There came a paradigm shift when he met a shabbily dressed poor girl named Twinkle Sahu selling garlands on the way to the Lord Jagannath temple. She expressed her desire to become a doctor.

As Mr. Singh’s dream of being a doctor was crumbled, this experience impacted him to such an extent that he(A Fresh Lease of Life) established the ‘Zindagi Foundation with the aim of enabling students from downtrodden sections to realize their dream of becoming a doctor.

Zindagi Foundation tasted its first success when out of 20 students, 18 including the diligent Twinkle Sahu cracked the medical entrance exam in 2018.

The roaring success of the students at the fiercely fought competitive medical tests spurred Mr. Singh to continue to work with utmost dedication and enthusiasm.

So much so that Zindagi Foundation has been recognized and felicitated by the honorable Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik.

Mr. Singh strongly believes that the coaching industry is the function of the failings of mainstream education. Hence, a teacher, irrespective of private or government should be respected.

On the other hand, the teaching fraternity should not let society down even though the aim is to do business through education.


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