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Aarogya Setu: Does The Purpose Of This App Fulfilled


Aarogya Setu app which was launched in April so that the India Government can track people infected with the Coronavirus. After a while, the government made to use the app mandatory as it will give them information on the infected people of COVID-19.

Many people were not allowed to enter a specific place or area if the app is not installed by an individual. Although many people find it a little unreasonable and raised a lot of questions like what about those people who don’t have or use smartphones! 

The primary purpose of this app was to facilitate community-driven communication tracing, which will help the authorities contain the Coronavirus pandemic. This works by the use of GPS and Bluetooth which trails another Aarogya Setu equipped phones in the proximity of a user. And later it warns users about the positive cases around them and also helps to detect symptoms. Data collected through the Aarogya Setu app is transferred for examination to the IT department to assist district-level administrators in recognizing local Covid-19 hotspots. Several states launched other decentralized contact-tracing apps for Covid-19. As the only official app in India was Aarogya Setu which logged more than 16 crore connections. Due to which it made the world’s most downloaded contact-tracing app.

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But how useful was this app for the ordinary people and to trace down the virus affected cases. According to some experts, Aarogya Setu has had interceptions in its capability to pursue from the antecedent and has limited utility in Covid administration. In the middle of all these COVID-19 crises, solicitudes about the app being maltreated have arisen. This tracing app is now being used as a mechanism to regulate people’s access to dwelling communities, theatres, markets, government offices and other public or private areas. Some people are also apprehensive about the privacy of their health data collected through this app which in future can be misused.

In India, there are around millions of people who have low income and cannot afford a smartphone which will make it challenging to trace them. Even people having the app will not be able to really supervise them as per the individual’s behaviour.

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In the Aarogya Setu Data Access and Knowledge Sharing Protocol – earlier a document released where the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology alleged that the app was accumulating the only contact, location and self-assessment data from users. This would be collected with the National Informatics Centre only for 180 days, and later it would be deleted permanetly.

Well, this doesn’t declare that your private data or information cannot be misused. Till then maintain social distancing, wear a mask and sanitize yourself.

Article Written By – Dikhyaa Mohanty

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