Activism Under Threat, Minor Is In Jail

Activism Under Threat, Minor Is In Jail

There are significant signs which reflect that Activism, Journalism and law and order hardly left in India. RTI was made to strengthen democracy and our citizens. But today it’s a joke which not only insults the activists but also harasses them.

The son, who is a minor, of a right to information activist has been arrested with two other men under the Arms Act and kept in jail for five months in Buxar, Indian Express reported yesterday.

According to the police,  they recovered a Indian pistol from the activist’s son and a live cartridge each from other men.

Since the last five years, he had filed several RTI applications to unmask alleged illegitimacy in the Bihar government’s flagship scheme, Saat Nischay (on village roads, sanitation and drinking water), MNREGA and paddy procurement by the Primary Agriculture Credit Society (PACS).

As per the activists, his son had given the Class X examination on February 29. After giving his exams, he went for a ride-along with two men belonging to his village on a motorcycle. This vehicle was stopped by police in Buxar’s Rajpur area and he was arrested.

His son got an overall of 83 per cent marks in the five papers he gave. But still, one paper is pending due to his arrest. The boy was born in April 2006 as per the official school records.

The activist, who has been fighting corruption in the decentralized system, alleged his son was framed by those people to whom he was trying to uncover, and that they were in touch with the local police.

“My son was allegedly arrested because I had sought paddy procurement details… How can police declare a minor boy as an adult? Can anyone trust the police story of a minor returning from an examination centre with a pistol?” he said.

At the point when his remarks were looked for, Bihar Director General of Police Gupteshwar Pandey stated: “We have taken genuine note of the Rajpur case. We are getting it completely explored. I had alluded the issue to the Buxar SP when the minor’s dad had moved toward me before the lockdown. I am looking for an update.”

It is going to be  very interesting to see what will be the further developments. This story may or may not  be scripted but it once again reflected the negligence of administration towards the future of students and also their inclined behavior towards the ruling parties apart from their ideology and challenging the Constitution.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

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