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All superheroes do not come with a cape

A police officer in the holy city of Ayodhya gives local youngsters from underprivileged households free schooling in an effort to provide them a better future. If the officer hadn’t saved them, the kids, who are now loving their studies and want to learn more, may have ended up begging. Humanity resonates in the noble cause with many young participants in a lesson under a tree and in a natural setting.The sessions were started by Police Sub-Inspector Ranjit Yadav few months ago after he observed the parents of these kids panhandling.”We want to continue our education and attend school. We enjoy studying here, therefore we now frequent this location, a youngster stated.More than 50 students may be observed attending the children’s sessions where he teaches. Mr. Yadav also donates books and stationery to the kids.Police Sub Inspector Ranjit Yadav’s great idea and deed serve as the first milestone in demonstrating that humanity has a face during a period when everything took a toll during the Pandemic, including the education of young innocent children.

By Subhechcha Ganguly



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