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America’s Got Leader: Joe Biden and The World


The several days of hustle-bustle in the global political arena has finally ended. Defeating incumbent Donald J. Trump, 47- year veteran Democratic politician Joe Biden has become the 46th President of the United States of America who will be taking charge of office in January 2021. Joe has bolstered up to be a better and friendlier ally than former President Trump to nations across the globe.

While majority of Joe’s pre-presidential speech comprised of refined autocrat policies and better climate change blueprints, the world is keenly looking at what the landscape of foreign policies Joe administration has to offer. Let’s take a look at the major political refineries that one can expect from the Joe cabinet:

  • Rebuild alliances to strengthen the US Foreign Policy

Many have opined that America has finally come home with Joe taking charge. The election has sent an important signal of renewed commitments to work hand-in-hand, multilateral cooperation reinvestment and global reorder which can only be achieved by addressing the urgent challenges the world has been facing as whole such as cross border terrorism and climate change. At a stage like this, a unifier is a must who can help bridge the wide spread social and political chasms. Rebuilding alliances need not be a difficult task for Biden as he has chaired the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee for many years.

America’s Got Leader: Joe Biden and The World 1
  • NATO summit: Gaining cynical Europe’s trust

Joe has also mustered up his actions in trying to rebuild confidence by the rumoured NATO summit in his administration. As a route to further strengthening the US-EU relationship on a better foot, the NATO summit will signal the pave the way for a transatlantic alliance. In addition to this, prioritising NATO will be a tricky proposition in connections with the US resources and attention keeping in mind that re-establishing the security bona fides of the US in other regions. Now what remains to see is whether Biden’s approach will influence the central US alliances, signalling a strong American international leadership.

  • Re-defined diplomatic relationships with Africa

The much-awaited US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) and the upcoming Africa Trade and Investment Program (ATIP) expected to be worth of $500-750 million, are expected to overhaul the US policy. As a result, this give and take proposition will be a key factor in bonding the two-way investment and trade. To further strengthen the bonds, Biden administration needs to reassure US allies that the American security support from Somalia and the Sahel won’t be shanked unilaterally. This way both Africa and Europe will both have safer hands.

America’s Got Leader: Joe Biden and The World 2
  • Depoliticize relationships with Middle East

The American approach towards the Middle East shortly after the turn of 21st century has been remarkably consistent. The existing status quo has somehow made the US allies seemingly upset, but not for long. But war situations in Iran has compelled the US to be sharply diverged from its conventional approach and take a different turn in the Middle East as an emerging threat to the existing status quo. The newly elected President Biden will continue to face challenges on how to ramify such strategic errors.

America’s Got Leader: Joe Biden and The World 3
  • Put America back on track

The Joe administration is expected to re-enter the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran, resume membership in the WHO and make new commitments of the US obligations within the Paris Climate Accord. In a bid to liberalise global trade Biden cabinet ought to revisit the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Closer home, America needs to fight the global pandemic of COVID-19, and get back on track by restarting the drowning economy.

By: Aishwarya Samanta

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