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‘Annapurna Prayas’ Is Not Free, Breaks No Rule – MP Aparajita Sarangi


Bhubaneswar MP Aparajita Sarangi explained regarding her recently launched initiative – ‘Annapurna Prayas” where she claimed that the initiative is not free as it is being charged 1 Rupee.

The BJP National Spokesperson and Odisha personnel senior IAS officer-cum-Bhubaneswar stated that the initiative ‘Annapurna Prayas’ is not for free and they are charging rupee one for meals. She further informed that the initiative doesn’t come under BMC order.

Recently the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) issued a notice to which MP Sarangi where it stated that some organizations are giving food and cloth without permission to the homeless people living on the roadside of the city and to poor people who are unwilling to stay in the shelter homes which are managed by the BMC.

The notice further stated that due to such initiative or development all collective efforts of the BMC to make Bhubaneswar beggar-free is failing.

‘Annapurna Prayas’ Is Not Free, Breaks No Rule – MP Aparajita Sarangi 1

BMC further urged that the person or institutions behind the initiative should ask prior permission of the civic body authority and donate food to the poor people living at the shelter homes managed by BMC. Further violating the rules, legal action will be imposed against the violator and also appealed to cooperate in making Bhubaneswar a beggar free city.

In a response issued a press statement where she clears the details of the initiative which was launched a few days ago. She stated that the program which is registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 aims to provide food to starving and helpless people identified by a survey conducted but people need to give rupee one.

The initiative also works jointly with five other social organizations – Rotary International, So am I, Youth For Action, Umesh Khandelwal Foundation, and Art of Living.

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