Australia vs. India: A cricket rivalry played by and for cricket


The rivalry between India and Australia in cricket may be the only one that stems from the game itself, rather than from a geopolitical conflict or any other reason.Every sporting rivalry usually has a political undertone. Modern sporting rivalries have their roots in historical events, border conflicts, and years of geopolitical unrest. In cricket, it is the same. Australia versus England, India versus Pakistan. New Zealand versus Australia. All of these fantastic rivalries between teams on the pitch have their roots in preexisting disagreements over other matters. Possibly the only rivalry that doesn’t fall under this category is Australia vs. India. It’s the only cricket match that was invented just for the game.

There is no actual political rivalry between Australia and India because their paths have seldom met in the past. In terms of business dealings, things are generally friendly. However, things are not the same on the cricket pitch. When Australia and India play cricket against one another, it feels like a personal match between two nations that has been at odds for a while.The rivalry graph between Australia and India also, in many ways, represents the development of Indian cricket. For the most of the 1800s, the competition was biassed. India was only viewed as a threat by Australia during their tour.

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