Bhubaneswar As The Hottest Place In World, Records Season’s Highest Temperature

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

With the soaring heat in Odisha, the capital city Bhubaneswar becomes the hottest place in the world as recently it recorded the season’s highest temperature at 44.2 degree Celsius as per the reports of the Meteorological Centre.

According to the official report, the Baripada of Mayurbhanj district is the second hottest in the state with 44.6 degrees Celsius. With this temperature, Baripada city topped the list of highest daily maximum temperatures over India.

The report further states that Bhubaneswar with this maximum temperature of 44.2 degree Celsius broke the 73-year-old record becoming the highest temperature for the month of March ever since its formation as the state capital and establishment of the Meteorological Centre in 1948.

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As per the weather department, Bhubaneswar city has broken its earlier record of 42.2 degrees Celsius on March 21, 2016, and the reason behind the rising temperature is due to the hot and dry wind from the west. The dry wind is now blowing in the lower atmosphere and there is probably less moisture in the air, the surface temperature has considerably gone up.

Even among the list of the hottest place in the world, Balasore was another place to be listed by recording the maximum temperature at 43 degrees Celsius. As of now around 13 places in Odisha recorded the maximum temperature in March with above 41 degrees Celsius.

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