Booze, drugs taking centre stage ahead of Assembly polls in Gujarat

by Akankshya Mahapatra

Alcohol and drug use is becoming a major issue as political parties prepare to fight the state’s upcoming general elections.

The Gujarat parliament held a ‘darna’ on Tuesday on the theme of alcohol bans. The recent Houthi tragedy in the BJP-controlled state left 50 people dead and many fell ill after consuming counterfeit alcohol, Arvind Kejriwal said in his last two public speeches in the state. raised this topic.

“The people of Gujarat he has two options: get fake alcohol if he votes for them (BJP) or get a job if he votes for us,” he said on Monday. rice field. He also visited the families of the victims of the Hooch tragedy and sought compensation for them.

Congressional leaders have also started targeting his BJP for illegal human trafficking. Rahul Gandhi recently questioned law and order and released figures on his social media about his three drug finds, which are said to be worth around Rs 22,000 in Mundra port since September 2021.

Public outrage over opposition attacks and threats prompted the BJP to switch to damage control mode. Yamal Bias, spokesman for his state, said: Together with the Coast Guard, they filed over 400 lawsuits under the NDPS Act in six months. If Gujarat’s police are doing such a good job, what’s wrong with parliament?” The AAP on Tuesday released the first list of 10 candidates for his December parliamentary elections in Gujarat.

Sagar Rabari has a Bechraji ticket for him, while Arjun Rathwa is from Chhota Udaipur and Vashram Sagathia has a seat for Rajkot Rural. Ram Dhaduk, Rajendra Solanki and Bhema Chaudhary fight from Kamrej (Surat), Bardoli and Deodar respectively.

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