Brides and Grooms exchanged Due To power outrage in Madhya Pradesh


In a bizarre situation brides and Grooms got mixed up at a wedding in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain after a power failure amid the pre wedding rituals. The brides had their heads covered with long veils and in the dark, they performed the rituals with the wrong grooms.

The brides were two sisters, Nikita and Karishma, daughters of Rameshlal. They were getting married to Bhola and Ganesh, both from different families. The pandit also got the rituals done with the exchanged pairs.

The confusion was realized after the brides were taken back home by the grooms. Following which there arose brief dispute between the families which reached at a conclusion with a settlement. The brides and grooms were asked to perform the ceremony correctly once again, the very next day.

The incident made quite a buzz on social media with netizens saying, ‘This can happen only in India’.


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