Can biological age rise due to psychological factors ?

by Subhechcha Ganguly

According to Deep Longevity, the effects of mental health can have an equal impact on how quickly people age as physical health. In contrast to smoking, susceptible mental health has a greater impact on the rate of ageing. Humans have two ages: a chronological age that accounts for how long a person has been on Earth, and a biological age that describes how old a person appears to be. A person’s biological age can be impacted by a variety of lifestyle factors, including food, exercise, and psychological health.

In a recent study, Stanford University, the University of Hong Kong, and Deep Longevity, a Hong Kong-based longevity enterprise, discovered that negative emotions including melancholy, loneliness, and general discontent increase a person’s biological age by 1.65 years. The study also found that sleeping uncomfortably can add 0.44 years and smoking up to 1.25 years to a person’s biological age.Fedor Galkin, Lead Scientist of Deep Longevity, explained to Euronews Next that “an ageing clock is a digital model of ageing trained on thousands of human samples.”

It gains this knowledge by looking at biomarker profiles with chronological age annotations. The system can then determine an individual’s age by examining their biomarkers, he added.It turns out that a person’s molecular ageing processes speed up if this model recognises them as being old. This property can be exploited to delay the onset of diseases associated with ageing or find techniques to delay ageing.The study emphasises the importance of researching psychological aspects in relation to ageing. It should be highlighted that the study’s methodology prevents drawing inferences about causation and effect.

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