Chrome World’s Most Popular Desktop Browser, Safari Ranks 2nd


Google Chrome has gained the top spot in the world’s most popular desktop browser, while Apple’s Safari browser ranked second.

According to the data provided by the web analytics service StatCounter, Chrome is now used on 66.13 per cent of desktop computers worldwide, while Safari is used on 11.87 per cent of desktop computers in the last 12 months.

Microsoft Edge browser stands in third spot with 11 per cent, and Mozilla’s Firefox stands in fourth with 5.65 per cent.

Opera browser is in the fifth spot with a 3.09 per cent share, and Internet Explorer stands in the sixth spot with a 0.55 per cent share.

However, in India, the stats are a little different.

Being the world’s most popular desktop browser, Chrome is on top in India as well, with a 90.4 per cent market share, while the second spot has seen some changes in India.

The second position is secured by Firefox — with a 3.64 per cent market share.

The third spot is secured by Egde in India as well, with a 3.48 per cent share, while Opera is at the fourth spot, with a 1.19 per cent share.

Apple’s Safari secured the fifth spot with only a 1.01 per cent market share.

Internet Explorer remains at the sixth spot in India as well, with a 0.11 per cent market share.

(Source: IANS)

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