Home Administration Combating Covid-19 with clockwork precision

Combating Covid-19 with clockwork precision

Combating Covid-19 with clockwork precision

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An adorable supercop Amitabh Thakur(Combating Covid-19 with clockwork precision) has been overseeing the control room set up to monitor issues relating to the implementation of the lockdown announced to tackle Covid-19 pandemic.

The control room helmed by Thakur(Combating Covid-19 with clockwork precision), IGP (Operations) has delivered exemplary outcomes to address issues of Odias, especially migrant workers marooned elsewhere in the country. The control room has been operating ceaselessly since March 26 under the auspices of the state home department.

Lately, an empowered group of ministers on food & logistics, Government of India rained praise on a helpline portal started by the Odisha government to address the concerns of lakhs of Odia migrant workers stranded outside the state.

The state government has set up a benchmark when it comes to containing Covid-19 and also, in inter-state coordination with a well-calibrated strategy to help Odia migrant workers, stranded in different parts of the country.

Many of the migrant workers are employed as skilled and semi-skilled workers in different states, the largest concentration being in Gujarat.

In order to facilitate the redressal of issues of migrant labourers from Odisha stranded in different states, Odisha government has set up a 30-line help centre for Odia workers stranded in other parts of the country.

Nodal officers comprising of senior officials from Odisha have been coordinating with other state governments to make food available to migrants trapped in their respective states.

Taking into account a large number of Odia diaspora throughout the country, the state government came up with a helpline and a web portal to help the migrant Odia workers in distress, due to lockdown, in different states to register their issues which are then relayed by the nodal officers, who are senior IAS, IPS officers of Odisha government, to the appropriate authorities in different states for necessary action. 

Odisha(Combating Covid-19 with clockwork precision) is the first state in the country to work out an efficient system of conveying hardships of Odia migrant labour and channelling relief to lakhs of them through the respective state government machinery, in different parts of the country.

Odisha was the first state to conceptualise this novel initiative as it could anticipate the distress of hordes of migrant workers. Though initially beset with challenges(Combating Covid-19 with clockwork precision), streamlining of administration and foolproof coordination smoothened its implementation.

The state is lucky amid this colossal crisis to avail the services of Mr Thakur(Combating Covid-19 with clockwork precision). We need more officers of his ilk. May their tribe grow! More power and strength to him!

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