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Comprehensive growth of IT with 5T

Comprehensive growth of IT with 5T

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Manoj Mishra, Secretary, Electronics & IT

Manoj Mishra(Comprehensive growth of IT with 5T), a secretary with Odisha’s electronics & IT department is spearheading a quiet revolution in the space. The days when IT was just considered to be some other adjunct department are passé. Odisha’s big bets on IT and electronics sectors are evident from the eminent thrust the state government is attaching on this domain.

And, with an extremely efficient bureaucrat in the form of Mishra helming the department, the future is bristling with hope.

Mishra(Comprehensive growth of IT with 5T), formerly the commissioner rail coordination and special secretary with the Odisha commerce & transport department has infused new life into the electronics and IT sphere.

Under his dynamism, Odisha is en route to emerging as one of the most favored destinations for IT and electronics investments.

The government here has recast its existing Information & Communications Technology (ICT) policy. In the reformulated policy, the government is offering reimbursement on Goods & Services Tax (GST) both to new and existing units.

Post the policy amendment, new units in IT, ITes and ESDM verticals can avail reimbursement on State GST for five years from the date of commercial operations. 

Existing units can also avail the benefit if they opt for expansion, modernization, and expansion but it would only apply to enhanced production over and above the current rated capacity and limited to 100 percent of the additional cost of plant and machinery. Moreover, a new BPO policy is expected to be unveiled before April 2020.

But policy fine-tuning apart, Mishra’s(Comprehensive growth of IT with 5T) focus is also on maximizing employment and skilling. Odisha is known to be one of the early movers in IT having all four majors- TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra and Wipro setting up their software development centres in Bhubaneswar.

Later, a midscale IT company opened its development center. And, within months of Mishra( Comprehensive growth of IT with 5T ) taking over as the IT secretary, global IT vendor Capgemini shifting to its own office premises after operating for over two years from a rented facility in the city.

Mishra( Comprehensive growth of IT with 5T ) is now focusing on attracting BPO companies and small to mid-tier IT companies to set up shop in the state to hep spawn employment opportunities in Odisha.

He( Comprehensive growth of IT with 5T ) is not obsessed with organic or inorganic comprehensive growth of the IT companies unless it ramps up headcount where local youths could be gainfully employed.

He has been reaching out to an array of companies, wooing them by showcasing Odisha’s strengths and potential opportunities.

Mishra(Comprehensive growth of IT with 5T) is helping to create an ecosystem where the best of IT and electronics companies would be more than keen to relocate from China and consider Odisha ahead of low cost, attractive destinations such as Vietnam.

Odisha offers some 600 acres of land at Infovalley on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. It is home to the second campus of IT bellwether Infosys Technologies and has ample space to house centres by other firms.

In addition, the state government has developed an electronics manufacturing cluster (EMC) straddling 207 acres at Bhubaneswar’s periphery.

The cluster provides plug and playwork ambiance where investors can walk in and start businesses without ado.

Of late, a China-based company is evaluating possibilities to set up an LCD manufacturing unit within EMC premises.

The cluster has previously attracted investments in mobile handset manufacturing, solar modules, printed circuit boards, electric vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

As per industry estimates, this Greenfield electronics park can potentially draw investments in upwards of Rs 1000 crore, spawning employment opportunities for 10,000-12,000 people.

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