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Delhi Police’s First Lady Constable Seema Dhaka Gets Out-of-Turn Promotion for Rescuing 76 Missing Children


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Delhi Police’s head constable Seema Dhaka has become the first police officer to get a premature promotion within three months under the new incentive scheme. This out-of-turn promotion has been awarded to Seema Dhaka for finding 76 missing children.

In this regard, Delhi Police has issued a statement stating that Seema Dhaka posted at Samaypur Badli station in North Delhi is the first police personnel to get an OTP (out-of-turn promotion).

The statement said that Seema Dhaka had found 76 missing children, 56 of whom are under 14 years of age. These children are not only from Delhi but also from other states like Punjab and West Bengal. On this occasion, Seema Dhaka has also been applauded by her senior officers.

Besides, Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava tweet on his Twitter account says, ‘Women head constable Seema Dhaka deserves congratulations for becoming the first lady constable to get an out-of-turn promotion on rescuing 76 missing children in three months under the new incentive scheme. Hats off to them for their passion and the happiness of these families.”

According to the statement of Delhi Police, this new incentive scheme had been introduced on August 5th, 2020. It said that to encourage policemen, this scheme has been put in place and under the scheme any constable or head constable, if finds 50 or more under 14 years of age (15 children under eight years old) missing children within one year, they will be given an out of turn promotion.

Further, police have said that after this order, a tremendous change has been seen in the process of search and recovery of missing children. Many children have been traced since August 2020. This has also brought back the happiness of the unhappy families and these young children have also been saved from their misuse and exploitation.

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