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Fracture In Spine And Strangulation Confirmed By Autopsy Report

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The autopsy report of the 19-year-old Dalit woman from Hathras who was purportedly gangr-aped by four upper caste men and beastly excruciate has confirmed that she suffered fracture in her spine and was also strangulated.

The autopsy report has been prepared by Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital where she died, a day after she was referred from a hospital in Aligarh.

As per the autopsy report, the Hathras gangrape victim suffered fracture of “C6 cervical vertebra”. Besides this, the report says there was “extravasations of blood along the fracture line” and the underlying spinal cord was “contused with ascending oedema. “

Telling about the strangulation attempts, the autopsy report said the marks on the victim’s neck are consistent with the allegations of attempted strangulation.

“The ligature mark over the neck is consistent with attempted strangulation but (it) did not contribute to death in this case,” the report said.

About the cause of death, the report disclosed it will be confirmed by chemical analysis report of the viscera.

The Safadarjung Hospital said the victims’ viscera has been preserved and other important samples have been given to the investigating officer.

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