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Hail to the savior of summer : Lassi


Amid the rise in temperature, the demand for buttermilk and laasi also seems to surge. Similarly the famous laasi stalls in Dhenkanal is witnessing a rise in the number of customers. Everyday from afternoon to evening people are seen infront of the laasi stalls enjoying the drink.

Aman Ayushman Das, a costumer said, ” The laasi available in Dhenkanal is different and tastes the best. Here the vendors are using Rabri to garnish it which adding a different flavor to the laasi.
Not only Aman, hundreds of people are loving the laasi that is being available at Dhenkanal. Specially the laasi stall at Jawahar Chowk is attracting the people for it’s uniqueness. Every year with the increase of the temperature the demand for laasi also seems to be high.

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