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Harpreet Singh Appointed As The First Indian Female CEO Of Indian Airlines

harpreet singh appointed as first female ceo of indian airlines

Harpreet AD Singh has made history in the field of Indian aviation by appointed as the first female CEO of Alliance Air. This is the first case for Indian Aviation when a woman has been appointed CEO.

Harpreet is currently the Executive Director (Air Safety) of Air India.  Nivedita Vasin, one of AI’s most senior commanders, is presently running Dreamline Boeing 4.  Vasin will replace Harpreet as Air India’s new executive director.

 Rajeev Bansal, AII chairman, and Managing Director issued an order saying that Nivedita Singh would hold the position of CEO on Alliance Air until the next order.  Due to her consistent efficiency, Nivedita Vasin also got the responsibility of the head of other departments.

 Alliance Air will now be the PSU’s public sector.  It will no longer be sold with Air India.  If buyers are found and privatized, Air India’s old Boeing 4 will be relocated to Alliance Air.  Harpreet Singh was the first female pilot to be selected by Air India in 18 years.  But due to health reasons, she was unable to fly but remains active in aviation security.  Harpreet Singh also chaired the Indian Women’s Pilots Association.

 Air India was the first Indian airline to hire female pilots in the early 1980s.  Captain Saudamani Deshmukh was India’s first female commander.

Written by : Akankshya Mahapatra

Image Source: Google

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