“Healthy Food Is An Open Secret To A Healthy Life”- Kaavya Sharma- Founder, Nature 91


Food is the basic amenity for survival. However, in this competitive world, people have very less time to prepare healthy food and tend to consume readily available junk food. Therefore, modern-day people get more prone to health problems due to their faulty eating habits. However, Kaavya Sharma, founder of Nature 91, focuses on producing healthy food supplements that reenergize the immunity system in your body, thereby helping you to lead a salubrious life.

Interview Times had a great opportunity to converse with Kaavya Sharma and know more about her and Nature 91. This is how the interview proceeded-

"Healthy Food Is An Open Secret To A Healthy Life"- Kaavya Sharma- Founder, Nature 91
“Healthy Food Is An Open Secret To A Healthy Life”- Kaavya Sharma- Founder, Nature 91

Can your brief about yourself to our readers?

A teacher by profession and mother of two doting kids, I love to study. Before turning an entrepreneur, I pursued a Bachelor’s of Science (BSC) in Home Science and Bachelors of Education. Afterwards, I worked as a primary school teacher in reputed Schools of Delhi.

Being a Home Science graduate, I was extremely focused on healthy eating. When the world was struck with a pandemic, I somehow knew it was time for the ‘the new normal’ to include healthy and nutritious food. During the search for healthy food options, I realized the importance of simple everyday components such as turmeric, amla & honey and decided to create unique formulations based on these components which are healthy and good for the taste buds as well. Slowly and steadily Nature 91 came into the picture.

When and how did the idea of Nature 91 came into your mind?

There is an abundance existence of organic products in the market. So I knew it is going to be a challenge to step in the market with already existing products. I always had an enchantment with turmeric so that was what clicked me. Also, I wanted to make products by using our homegrown ingredients to let people know about the magic they can create. Moreover, during the Corona Virus, it was the right time to get it into the market because people right now need natural healing and healthy products.

Can your brief a little about Nature, its USP, advantage and some of its products?

Yes, Nature 91, the name itself explains our brand where Nature stands for the dependence of our products on Nature and 91 stands for the Indian code. The obvious advantage of using our products is the health benefits attached to it. We use ingredients that can cause fat loss, can balance your cholesterol, reduce stress and anxiety, boost immunity and takes care of your overall body health. The USP of our products is the turmeric base that we use in most of our products. The reason behind it is that we believe turmeric is a magic Indian spice which can cure almost everything.

How are the products of Nature 91 different from its competitors?

Our products are not only healthy and nutritional (you will find plenty of nutritious organic food in the market), but what makes us different is the deliciousness of them. The products are yummy, so they are a treat to your system and taste buds alike. Also, we have a variety of products to enhance your immunity. We do not just provide you with the supplements that have the goodness of the natural ingredients, but there are options to go for milk blends and even honey. One of our most popular product is chocolate turmeric latte and trust me it is as delicious as it sounds.

"Healthy Food Is An Open Secret To A Healthy Life"- Kaavya Sharma- Founder, Nature 91
“Healthy Food Is An Open Secret To A Healthy Life”- Kaavya Sharma- Founder, Nature 91

What’s the “Gift of Immunity” trend all about?

By promoting #giftofimmunity, we want people to switch to healthy eating habits. By not gifting unhealthy sweets and snacks this Diwali, we want people to gift good quality food to their loved ones with Nature 91 products and make sure they stay healthy. This a step to inculcate good eating habits among people.

Being a mother, is managing the balance between professional and personal life tough?

It does become a tough task, sometimes balancing home and work. But I have a team that supports me with the work. Also, I have a habit of writing the tasks that I need to get done with, which I maintain every day. That way I am more efficient and know what has to be done when. That doesn’t only include my office work but my motherly tasks as well.

"Healthy Food Is An Open Secret To A Healthy Life"- Kaavya Sharma- Founder, Nature 91
“Healthy Food Is An Open Secret To A Healthy Life”- Kaavya Sharma- Founder, Nature 91

What is the ideal definition of healthy and nutritional food?

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Food should be taken as a matter of duty – even as a medicine- to sustain the body, never for the satisfaction of the palate”.

We firmly believe in this. I think healthy food is something that does not cause you and your system any trouble; it should instead support you in everyday life.

Any set of plans for Nature 91 in future?

Yes, we are doing well in the market, and people have also started to realise the importance of the products. We now plan to expand globally. Our aim is to step into the global market so that the people outside India are also acquainted with the wonders our Indian spices and other ingredients that we make the best.

Image Source- Kaavya Sharma Image Wardrobe

Interview By- Sayak Karmakar- Resident Editor, Interview Times

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