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Indian Democracy and We the People: A quivering constant

Republic Day

Without an ounce of doubt India proudly describes herself as a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic in the constitution. All in all, what makes the Indian democracy appear to be unique from different types of governance?

Today, the nation will commend the 71st year since the Constitution came into force. Unfortunately, Indian democracy is getting debased and the rate is remarkable. For the sake of democracy, what we have is a chaos. What we have today is not democracy but majoritarian. It was in the year 1947 when the nation got independence from the British rule. As the legislators played the part of administration, it was concluded that India will follow a democracy where every citizen will reserve the privilege to have a life of progression. Ultimately, it was on 26th November 1950 when the Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution of India. It was drafted with Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar as it the architect of modern India.

Indian Democracy and We the People: A quivering constant 1
Dr. BR Ambedkar. Image courtesy: DNA

India has consistently proceeded with its democratic rule regardless of a few obstacles. The awareness that the democracy in India should be safeguarded was all well expressed by our Late Prime-Minister Hon. Atal Bihari Vajpayee in his well-known speech “Sarkarein aayengi jayengi, partiyan banegi-bigdengi magar desh rehna chahiye, iss desh ka loktantra amar rehna chahiye”. This doesn’t imply that there were no endeavors to hurt the democratic fabric.

As expressed before, the political heads had the soul to protect the democracy yet it is evident that real politics is a combination of a wide range of individuals where some really plan to build up our country and some who have personal stakes. Their goals can’t be satisfied by following a democratic procedure thus their inclinations constrain them to abuse it. This has been widely seen in the previous few years where different ways have been utilized to disregard democratic paradigm, particularly during mass protests and rallies.

Each ruling party attempts to dodge a dissent like situation however it is the manner by which they manage the circumstance that shows the purpose of the political head. In a democratic nation, protest is the privilege of each citizen to show their disappointment and it is the government’s duty to address the citizens’ interests. Yet, as of late, it has been seen that at whatever point there are rallies and protests, the political heads term the protestors as individuals supported by foreign forces or anti national groups. Their greatest instrument is the media with government favouring.

We as citizens ought to always remember that there will consistently be endeavors to stifle the democracy to satisfy different personal stakes yet at the same time, our Constitution is set up which can be utilized to secure our privileges. Many people expect to move abroad on the grounds that they believe that democracy in India is on the verge of extinction, yet despite the fact that our democracy is subjected to regular assaults, we should recollect that we have our Constitution which entitles us with rights.

Indian Democracy and We the People: A quivering constant 2
Representational image: The Indian Constitution

Even in this touchy period, we have our constitution that can protect our privileges. Many recent examples such as the judiciary’s stay order on the farm laws demonstrates that still there are roads which shield our privileges from getting disregarded and this is the reason we ought to endeavor to ensure them. Since till the time there are such roads, we actually get the opportunity to speak more loudly or express our feelings since this is an advantage many are not exposed to in different corners of the world. That regularly brings about their voices or developments getting smothered.

There are numerous examples where it was our Constitution which ensured the rights of the citizens’ and even the Government needed to withdraw. That is the main component of our country which is perceived by each citizens’ and this is the explanation that with regards to country’s inclinations, every single one of us ties together leaving aside our disparities.

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