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Indian media’s satellite captures Dragon’s deadly plot, setting up villages in Arunachalpradesh


India is once again at risk for the ongoing border dispute with China in eastern Ladakh. A satellite image captured by the national media NDTV has brought another Chinese conspiracy to the fore. According to the picture, China has set up villages in ArunachalPradesh. A village with 101 houses is said to have been set up by China. According to experts, the village is within 4.5 km of India’s actual line. According to NDTV, the photo was taken on November 1, 2020.

The village is located on the banks of the Tsari Chu River in the Upper Subanashiri district. The two countries have long been at loggerheads over the issue. It is also known as the Armed Forces. The village was built in June, just days after a violent clash between the two countries’ armies. As many as 20 army soldiers were killed in the clashes.

The left satellite photo was taken on August 27, 2019, with no villages. This means that the construction has taken place within a year. The photo was sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by NDTV. But the ministry has not ruled out the allegations. However, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement that China had been “illegally constructing” the border with India for several years.

After receiving the picture, a BJP MP from Arunachal Pradesh told the state government about the infiltration of China. He again told NDTV that China’s construction also includes a double-lane road. China, however, has penetrated 60 to 70 km into India border, he said.

“This is a Chinese military post,” defense experts said of the satellite photo. Which was picked up by Google Earth a decade ago. So China is now upgrading it. According to Google Earth photos, the village is located south of the McMohon Line, which lies between India’s northeastern border and Tibet. New Delhi considers it the border of India and China. But China considers it a controversial border.

Image Source : NDTV

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