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BJP Minister’s controversial statement over farmer’s protest angers opposition parties


Opposition parties have repeatedly targeted the BJP and the central government over the farmers’ movement. Madhya Pradesh Tourism, Culture and Spirituality Minister Usha Thakur on Tuesday came forward to protect her party and government. She said high-profile brokers in Punjab and Haryana had launched a peasant movement in a coordinated manner. The left-wing ideology and the small gang are trying to take advantage of the situation of the farmers. But the gang will never succeed. Usha Thakur said the conspiracy to lie would not last long.

Usha Thakur said the BJP had launched a public awareness campaign to clear the confusion of farmers’ laws. It is the responsibility of the party to provide information on the Agriculture Bill to every farmer in the state. The BJP has now come up with a mega plan to dispel the illusion of farmers. Senior BJP leaders will explain the benefits of agricultural law. Farmers will be made aware that the BJP government has villages, the poor and the farmers on the top priority list. The new agricultural law, introduced by the central government, will provide more options and benefits to farmers.

According to Usha Thakur, the BJP will hold a farmers’ conference on December 16 at Dashahara Maidan in Indore. It will involve all farmers in Indore. Former state BJP president, MP Nandkumar Singh Chauhan, MLA Ramesh Mendala, state chief minister Kavita Patidar have been appointed in-charge to ensure the smooth running of the conference system. BJP national secretary Kailash Vijayavargiya and state home minister Narottam Mishra will address the farmers’ conference.

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