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Install Intelligent Cameras & Vehicle Location Tracking Systems In Odisha


The State Transport Department will install hi-tech to fine the violators to decline the number of road accidents in Odisha.

As per thereports, the Transport department will install intelligent camera (CCTV) systems on the entire way of the National Highway No-16 from Rameswar in Khorda district to Panikohili in Jajpur district. From every 4 to 5 Kilometres of the National Highways, the CCTV cameras will be installed.

Sanjeeb Panda, Odisha Transport Commissioner stated that this new system of hi-tech facilities will play an important role in putting a graph on the incidents of rash driving on the national highway and intercepting the vehicle with fake registration numbers. In fact, this system will also help to bring the number of road accidents to downfall.

Panda also stated that this hi-tech facility is an ambitious project and the authorities have to hot the response from 32 bidders in the tender process. He further said that the work for the installation of intelligent camera systems will be taken up soon.

Apart from the allocation of the CCTV cameras in the Highways, the Transport department has also allocated Rs 15 crores for the mega vehicle location tracking system.

Further, for more safety facilities, the GPS systems will be installed in all public transport vehicles like- buses, taxis, and school buses. The system will help track the vehicles on a real-time base and their speed can also be scrutinized, Panda informed by computing that the project is under tender process.

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