Israel resumes water supply to Gaza Strip


After cutting off the water supply to the Gaza Strip in the wake of the Hamas terror assault, Israel has again restarted it. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced the choice, stating that his Israeli colleagues had just told him about it an hour earlier. As it looks to be preparing for a combat campaign to crush Hamas, a top Israeli official had told them that Jerusalem will permit food, water, and medication into Gaza after establishing an embargo on the territory.

The US legislator made it clear that Israel has not promised to let the entry of gasoline and power into Gaza, which they claim are not subject to the same regulations of armed combat. The decision, which was now announced by Israel’s Energy Minister, lifts a blockade Israel had placed on the territory’s water supply for many days.

This early indication, according to the BBC, implies Israel is seeking to “divide the strip” and “go through it piece by piece, rather than everyone being on the run with nowhere to go,” as the aircraft bombardment of southern Gaza continues.

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