IT Leadership

by interview2019

Dr. Sujeet Kumar, BJD Rajya Sabha


Hailing from Kalahandi, one of Odisha’s most economically impaired districts streaming into newsrooms for gnawing poverty and starvation deaths, Dr. Sujeet Kumar’s career has taken a giant leap. Branding himself a political entrepreneur, he is highly indebted to the BJD. He believes, working with the stalwarts of the BJD and some exceptional bureaucrats in the policymaking circle gave a very enriching experience.

Parthajeet Patnaik


Falcon Real Estate Pvt Ltd Brand which has earned a reputation of trust and Goodwill amongst the customers after giving relentless services for decades. Without the publicity blitzkrieg billboards and front-page advertisements, it has managed to emerge in the league of an undisputed brand of property developers across the nation.

The Managing Director of Falcon Real Estate Pvt Ltd Mr Parthajeet Patnaik doesn’t do any self-branding or promotions of Falcon Real Estate in swag. He strongly pitched for quality of works with innovation from advanced technologies to create designs which will speak for the properties.

Dibyajit Sahu


Dibyajit Sahu is someone who peddled the concept called positive Journalism in Odisha since his career in journalism way back in 2010 while there was a race for TRP kind of journalism. He founded Interview Times for pioneering positive Journalism which is proved today the most Inspirational media brand in Odisha. He has conducted interviews of hundreds of Inspirational personalities from myriad walks of life. His unrivaled concept of positive Journalism and contributions have been feted with awards galore. He has also authored a couple of best-selling books, one is written on the life and times of Biju Patnaik (Gladiator warrior) and next one is on the young genre (An Ambitious Girl).

Sayak Karmakar

Resident Editor

C.E.O of Idea With Identity at the age of 23 and Resident Editor of Interview Times at the age of 24 sums up the career of Sayak Karmakar so far. With a B.A degree in Psychology and M.A degree in Mass Communication, Sayak has worked in all sectors of media which includes- Public Relation, Event Management, Content Writing, and Journalism.

In January 2019, Sayak Karmakar left his job at U.C News to achieve his dream of making the largest Digital Networking Hub of India. This is how “Idea With Identity” was formed that serves over 50 clients in the field of Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Graphical Designing, Social Media Marketing, and Website Development.

The spark of Journalism never died in Mr Karmakar. Therefore in January 2020 along with having his own organization, he joined as a Resident Editor of Interview Times. Since then, he has been an integral part of IT, with the idea of making it a numero uno media organization of Odisha.

Sayak is working over launching a book by 2021 namely, “15 Short Thrilling Stories”. No sooner, he will also have his own blogging and Youtube Channel – Leisure Aura

Sayak Karmakar truly defines ” It’s never too late or early to Dream big. Dream big to achieve it”.