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Ludo King is the Largest Followed Games on the internet

The mastermind behind the Ludo king knocked all mobile gaming records. Outraging record created by the Vikash Jaiswal who is the  Founder and CEO of Ludo king. He has structured the technology to hit the bull’s eye in pandemic COVID 19 lockdown.

In 1991 when local councils decided to shut down all the gaming parlours in Patna, a 17-year-old Vikash Jaiswal had a wish to buy a video game device by his own and play all day long.

Before this lockdown, Ludo kings patronage used to be 13-15 million daily active addicts and 60-63 million monthly active users. Now it has crossed the millions, Mark, while Monthly active addicts are more than 185 million.

He has never predicted to cross the 100 million download streak before this but the scenario rewrote by the time and it has sprawled to 350 million installed, which is the only Indian game to reach out that figure.

Article Written By JP Sahu

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