Meet the Topper

Meet the Topper

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Lakshmi Agarwal, +2 Commerce CHSE, 2019,Odisha

Who hails from Keonjhar District and now studying at Ravenshaw University in Commerce stream has exclusive meet the topper shared her thoughts on being topper to her future plans in a personal quotient with Interview Times.

Q. You have aced the +2 Commerce results. How do you feel?

I feel lucky and blessed! It was really unexpected as my health was not really well when I was appearing for the exams. So, I didn’t really expect to get even decent marks.

But after seeing the results, it took time for me to get used to the fact that I had topped in the Commerce stream in all of Odisha. I am really happy my hard work paid off.

Q. Did you always yearn to be the topper? Or it occurred while you were passionate about your efforts?

I wouldn’t say I strived for it. My teachers had great expectations from me as they knew I had done well in my 10th examination. I also didn’t want to let them down and did my best in all exams.

So I would say the “becoming topper” part happened on its own. I did the best I could do and it paid off, for which I feel really blessed.

Q. With whom did you share this sparkling success?

I would give credit for my success to God, my parents, my teachers and to everyone who had believed in me. To them too who thought I couldn’t do it as they were the main reason I wanted to succeed so much.

I’m really grateful to everyone who supported me and let me do things my way instead of pressuring me to do them their way.

Q. Now, you have enrolled yourself at Ravenshaw College. How will you comport yourself? Any changes your persona will inculcate?

I will try to do both. I will try to be upbeat and more responsible too.

Q. After acquiring a degree in commerce, what are your career goals? How do you map out your plans to success?

I had a straight vision when I started my +2. I aspired to become a CA. But now after +2, I have realized that there is an ocean of opportunities ahead of me. So, I haven’t really decided anything yet. I’m just going with the flow right now. I hope I will have some clear visions soon.

Q. You are a student of colossal merit. Tell us your passions beyond studies…

I like the music. Music is my anchor. Also, I love reading novels. I have developed a taste for novels after a friend recommended it. Besides, just spending time with my friends relaxes me too.

Q. In a word, what is your opinion is education?

In one word, education means “change”. And just so there is no confusion, in one phase education means “changing for better” because I believe if the things you learn every day do not change you for better, you are not learning. At last, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am honored.

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