More Than Half Of Afghanistan’s 39 Population Facing Acute Food Security


Afghanistan is on the verge of going on starvation as millions of Afghans including children could die due to starvation unless proper action is not taken, as informed by a senior United Nations who warned by calling for the frozen funds to be free for humanitarian efforts.

According to the official reports, World Food Programme (WFP) Executive David Beasley stated that around 22.8 million people and more than half of Afghanistan’s 39 million population were facing acute food insecurity and leading to starvation compared to 14 million just two months ago.

The report further added that after Taliban captured Afghanistan, the country is facing the crisis where donors are holding back billions of dollars in assistance for the aid-dependent economy.

Beasley further added that children are going to die and things will get worst in the future time. He said that they have already predicted this and soon things will get worst. Kabul will fell faster than anybody had anticipated and the economy is falling faster than that. He further stated dollars earmarked for the development assistance should be repurposed for humanitarian aid which some nations have already done or frozen funds be channelled through the agency.

Aid groups are urging countries which concerned about human rights under the Taliban to engage with the new rulers to prevent a collapse they stated that they could trigger a migration crisis similar to 2015 exodus from Syria.

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