A friendship pipeline between India and Bangladesh will be launched today


The India-Bangladesh friendship pipeline, which was constructed at an estimated cost of 377 crore, is summarised in the following top points. The India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline (IBFPL) will be officially opened today by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina via video conference. Around 5 o’clock, a ceremony to officially open the first energy pipeline connecting the two nations will take place.

The pipeline was constructed at an estimated 377 crore. The pipeline segment for Bangladesh cost 285 crore.A total of 131.5 km of the pipeline would be used to transport diesel from India to Bangladesh.In June of this year, the supply will begin on an experimental basis.According to a statement from PM Modi’s office, the operation of the India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline will establish a sustainable, dependable, economical, and environmentally friendly method of transporting HSD (High-speed Diesel) from India to Bangladesh and will further strengthen cooperation in energy security between the two countries.The gasoline transportation agreement has a 15-year term with a possible extension.


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