Not Vaccine But Mask Will Protect People From Covid Says Dr. E.Venkata Rao


The Principal Investigator Of Covaxin in Odisha, Dr E.Venkata Rao informed that terming the masks as the prime weapon against Coronavirus and that the vaccine cannot save all from the Covid-19 unless people wear a proper mask.

According to the official report, Dr Rao stated that vaccines are effective but in a long term and if people want to ward off the second wave of the Coronavirus then people have to strictly adhere to Covid-19 norms and regulations. He advised the people never ever to go out without covering up their faces and also to continue to appropriately use the mask.

While talking about the carelessness of the people in the public place, he further added that people tend to get careless in vacant areas and drop their masks. But they should remember if a COVID patient had crossed the area some minutes before, the virus present in the air could infect any person moving in after him.

He further added that as far as vaccines are concerned, the persons who are queuing up to take the first dose today will take the second dose after more than a month. And the antibody will take another month to crate in the body. So it is wrong to think that vaccine will make you immune from the second wave.

He also said that it can save them from the third or fourth wave provided the virus had not mutated enough to cheat the vaccine generated antibodies. So with the present situation mask and Covid appropriate behaviour is the only thing that can save people from contracting the virus.

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