by Priyanshu Mohanty

Bhubaneswar, March 17, 2023 A press conference and ceremony of congratulations for Omm, a 13-year-old kid artist from Cuttack named Sriman Prajwal Sahoo who has enlivened the flame of performing in Bollywood with the comic king and famous actor Kapil Sharma, were hosted today by team OFFA and team White Canvas Event. He made his acting debut in the Hindi film Zwigato, starring Kapil Sharma.

On March 17, 2023, the film, which was directed by Bollywood actress and director Nandita Das, debuts in theatres. The bulk of the film was shot in Bhubaneswar, and Omm, who was chosen to portray Kapil’s child, had a significant role in its making. In the Hindi film “Zwigato,” Kapil plays a food delivery driver who faces challenges and hardships. Kapil Sharma has been coupled with actress Sahana Goswami.

This film depicts the struggles faced by a delivery guy from the middle class at a trying time like the covid -19 epidemic.
For deliver boy Kapil, spending time with his family and kid is challenging.
As the situation worsens, tension between the father and son grows.

When a student at KIIT in the age range of 12 to 15, Sriman Prajwal Sahoo (Omm) was chosen in the audition from Kiit International School. He was born into a renowned Odisha family in the millennium city of Cuttack. He is the great-grandson of renowned Odisha entrepreneur and managing director of Ruchi Foodline Dr. Sarat Ku Sahoo. Father Mr. Arbind Sahoo and mother Mrs. Salina Sahoo are continuing on Ruchi’s tradition by working in the family company.

Despite never having studied acting in school, Prajwal remarked today at the press conference that the process of creating his first feature film had been enjoyable. Lakheswar, according to Prajwal, was important in his career as an actor. My mum Rashmi Sahoo and my grandmother Sangita Sahoo, in addition to my dad, have been a great source of support for me as I embark on this new endeavour. I’ll do all in my power to further my education, and I’d really want to play a lead role in an original-story Odia movie.

Ullash Behura, Chairman, OFFA [Odisha Film festivals & Awards], Bapu Lenka, President-OFFA, Mr. Sritam Das, General Secretary of Odisha Film Artists Association, actor Subhasish Sharma, and producer Sanjay Nayak addressed the crowd at the press conference and stated that Odisha is not behind any other state at the moment. Our skill is our pride, according to Mr. Chintu Mishra, Director of OFFA. During the felicitation event, more than 150 of Omm’s well-wishers were present and expressed their wishes for Prajwal’s prosperous future. Event management was handled by White Canvas Family’s Mr. Amrut Ranjan Dash, Asit Samal, Gyana Rajan Ray, Santosh Nayak, and Patitapabana Panda.

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