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Odisha links Covid infra with GIS mapping

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Odisha is taking(Odisha links Covid infra with GIS mapping) some notable leaps in leveraging IT for humanitarian good.  This time, the state government has adopted a novel step in linking the complete Covid-19 health infrastructure with GIS mapping.

The mapping of the whole infrastructure(Odisha links Covid infra with GIS mapping) will enable people access to a wealth of information on quarantine centres, exclusive Covid hospitals and the available testing facilities.

The plan is the brainchild of Odisha electronics & IT secretary Manoj Mishra.

Orissa Space Application Centre (ORSAC) has developed this unique system. And, it is hosted on The system will be made available on Odisha’s exclusive Covid dashboard(Odisha links Covid infra with GIS mapping) from Thursday, said Mishra.

The mapping system will also facilitate information on temporary medical centres (TMCs) set up for migrants who are returning to the state, along with their location, bed capacity, name of the nodal officer, and contact number.

Migrants, as well as citizens stranded abroad, shall get relevant information by logging in the dashboard, which is strengthened with GIS-based information system, to see these facilities on the basis of their exact position based on longitude and latitude and also know about the facilities available there, he said.

“Mapping of the covid-19 facilities will also help the district collector or nodal officer to decide on the number of TMC, quarantine centre they require in their areas according to the distance in between each other and distance from covid hospitals and centre. Another feature of the mapping system is to help identify contaminant zones according to the positives cases found in several districts. Instead of making the entire district as a containment zone, we can make a tighter containment plan in a particular area where the number is higher”, he added.


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