Odisha Wins Agriculture Leadership Award 2022

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

Odisha received the Agriculture Leadership Award for 2022 for its critical contribution to raising agricultural output. At a ceremony on Thursday held at the Holiday Inn in Aero City, New Delhi, the Agriculture Today Group awarded the award. Odisha has been chosen as the finest state by a team of judges assembled at the federal level. Anjana Panda, the department’s additional secretary for agriculture and farmer empowerment, accepted the honor on its behalf.

Odisha was a deficit State during independent India but is now a self-sufficient State in the production of foodgrains thanks to timely actions by the State administration and the hard work of the farmers. Today, Odisha exports extra rice beyond the State in addition to being a self-sufficient State.

Odisha set a record for foodgrain output in 2020–21 with 130.39 lakh MT. In the previous 20 years, it has more than quadrupled its food grain output, which was just 55.35 lakh MT in the State in 2000–01. The Agriculture & Farmers’ Empowerment Department has adopted Agriculture Policy-2020 “Samruddhi” under the Chief Minister’s instruction for the comprehensive and ongoing development of agriculture. Odisha is the first State in the nation to grant agricultural industry status in preparation for the development of agro-industries in the State. Production has increased as a result of extensive use of scientific techniques, advanced technology, and agricultural equipment. The programs and services are conducted online to guarantee total transparency in execution and that benefits of the programmes reach the farmers directly.

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