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Online classes bearing no fruits

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By Yogita Malhotra

The peculiar change from classrooms to online classes for kids have inadvertently caused upheaval in their lives and have isolated them from the essence of knowledge.

Undeniably, the kids who used to struggle hard to get themselves prepared for school now have been wrestling more to concentrate on their illuminated screens

Beyond question, the pandemic has adversely impacted the education of millions of children in the modern world, and woefully, all of them are barely able to gain access to these online classes

Moreover, the dragging hours in front of blue screens of Laptops, phones, computers affect the eyesight of students causing them with acute headaches, drying and watering of eyes.

The pertinent questions that can be asked are how this model of education can be efficacious for kids? How these innocents can learn better with virtual classes

Besides kids, it has equally made it difficult for the parents with their hectic lifestyles to regulate the virtual schedules for their kids. Therefore, it is advised that the schools should not pressurise the vulnerable kids; children cannot study assiduously under stress; homework should be assigned in chunks, focussing on the key aspects of the subjects.

On the part of parents, they should also monitor the screen time, focus more on their physical activities, and provide them with a sound environment to deal with the unprecedented times.


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