Home Education Times Hindi heartland UP has the poorest students in the Hindi language

Hindi heartland UP has the poorest students in the Hindi language

Hindi heartland UP has the poorest students in the Hindi language
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By, Yogita Malhotra

Probably UP is the most prominent Hindu heartland of India but after the annual result, Uttar Pradesh board which declared around 8 Lakh students have failed in the Hindi exam in UP Boards result in 2020 including both class 1o and class 12 students seems a contradiction of language dominance.

Shockingly, 5.28 lakh students failed in UP board Class 10, while 2.70 lakhs have counted from class 12. Moreover, the sources also reported, 2.39 lakh students had also skipped their Hindi exam.

Though the numbers have been ramped down to 8 lakh comparatively to previous year 10 Lakh in UP Board 2019, the situation remains the same.

It forecasts that their mother tongue is being undervalued and, it reflects on the young minds linguistic prowess who have failed to recognize the pivotal role it plays in our society and its history. 

The question persists as to why the youth has overwhelmingly shown a lackadaisical attitude towards the Hindi language.

Undoubtedly, the English Language has developed an ineffaceable impression on not only on students’ mind but also on everybody

As reported, A high school teacher who evaluated Hindi copies for Class 12 stated, many of the children did not know even ordinary words like AtmaVishwas, and wrote confidence, though with wrong spelling.

This highlights how, in the present scenario, the majority of students have turned a blind eye from this Hindi language perhaps believing that it has no plausible future or career prospects.

Thus, there is a need to make them understand that our mother is a true symbol and identity of the nation, and plays an indispensable role in our lives.

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