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Pandemic locks down love birds

Pandemic locks down love birds

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By, Dibyajit Sahu

Amid this nationwide lockdown(Pandemic locks down love birds), most of us have been trying to get the hang of the possible ramifications of this global pandemic. Certainly, it has disrupted all activities and brought human life to a standstill. Lifestyles have gone for a toss. Probably, there is nothing to solace economy as the virulent Covid-19 engulfs nations peopled with infected strains.

But what is more disconcerting for the youths is the colossal impact it has on their treasured love life(Pandemic locks down love birds). Love is no more palpable in the air; a deadly virus has usurped that space, masking emotions of lovers across borders.

With a significant floating population made up mostly by engineering and management grads, Bhubaneswar in its own right qualifies as a city of love birds(Pandemic locks down love birds).

From desolate parks to peopled malls and offices to multiplexes, cafes, standalone restaurants and even roads, lovers are ubiquitous. Visuals of hands clasped and sights of amorous goings-on were a banal yet pleasing spectacle.

But as the repercussions of this unprecedented lockdown sink in, the droves of lovers(Pandemic locks down love birds) have vanished. Social distancing has widened them in ‘real’ though their hearts are merging in the ‘virtual’.

The scenario begs the question if these love birds(Pandemic locks down love birds) could coalesce their emotions in real again. Life is no longer what it used to be before the Coronavirus disease struck the planet.

Now, even the outgoing lovers are forced indoors, spending time with their parents and kin. They have fallen into a predicament beyond their imaginings.

The changed ambience has thrown a challenge to their callow, yet receptive and thinking minds. Many of them would be contemplating if they could get their quiescent relationships back into full gear.

Or will some of them be forced to call it a day? Will social distancing and physical chasm trigger fissures in the heart? How will the lovers reinstall their ‘love software’? These questions are worth more than a million dollars.

Once the Government eases the guidelines and partially lifts the lockdown, it would still be tough for the lovers to get over their behavioural setups. The changed social surroundings would constrain them to blossom their relationships.

On top of it, the dread of community-level transmission and reoccurrence of a virus with its more resistant and mutated strains will constrain them. It’s the Sword of Damocles dangling over love birds with moments shy of reaching the climax.

An immersive bonding embellished with unalloyed love and reciprocal care has suffered the assault of a virus. But even after the pandemic peters out, life will roll ahead on the track of normalcy.

In the changed context, the definition of love has to change; it needs a switch over to a more soulful bonding rather than physical intimacy. The petals of love will bloom again. Yet, they will bask in a new light. The ‘real love’ will take over.

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