Prasar Bharati to induct new key 5 members

Prasar Bharati to induct new key 5 members

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By JP Sahu

Prasar Bharati is the largest broadcasting company in India. Since the last 13 months, there was 9 vacancy among 13 chairs henceforth 5-panel board set to be geared up till 2025 respectively to make a booster of its functioning

Music composer Salim merchant will be a part of Prasar Bharti till Nov 2021, BJP spokesperson Shaina NC has been appointed till 21 Nov 2023. Media personality Sanjay Gupta after months of running abbreviated stability has been joined till 22 Nov 2025.

In another hand, Corporate personality Alok Aggarwal who has also been appointed till 21 Nov 2023 and Veteran Journalist Ashok Kumar Tandon who was being a part of the board earlier will be continuing till 22 Nov 2025, are the other person who will be on the Board that presides the functioning of Door darshan and All India radio.

Tondon has experienced the media advisory to former Prime Minister Shir Atal Bihari Vajpayee. However, there is still a dilemma on discussion relate to, who will be the Chairperson?

However, with members completing their terms, the only actress Kajol was on the board as a part-time member, Henceforward all the five vacant positions will be filled up.

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