Ranbir Calls Alia ‘Very Competitive’, He Avoided Playing Football With Her


Bollywood’s heartthrob and Mumbai City FC co-owner Ranbir Kapoor called his wife and actress Alia Bhatt “very competitive”, and said he would avoid playing a football match with her.

During the Mumbai City FC jersey launch, Ranbir had a candid conversation with sports anchor Mayanti Langer and revealed that the opponent he would never play against was none other than his wife Alia.

Asked who the one player was who he would never play with, he said: “She is very competitive and if I beat her, I know that I’ll be hearing about it for a long time and she’ll really sulk. So I think I would avoid playing with her.”

Langer then suggested that if Alia won, she would have a better and longer celebration than him. To which he replied, “Exactly. So, I’m screwed both ways.”

Reacting to her cousin’s answer, Kareena Kapoor Khan wrote in Instagram Stories: “The family that kicks together; sticks together! Loved the second answer, Ranbir!”

Talking about his love for football, Ranbir recounted: “I mean, it takes me back to school when I was in the fourth or fifth grade. I was pretty below average in everything I did, in studies, in dramatics.”

“But when I joined the school football team, I think that’s really where I found an identity, a personality for myself. I think sports really teaches us a lot in life.”

The 40-year-old actor added: “And I remember the first time my name came in the newspaper was because I scored a goal for Bombay Scottish for an inter-school football championship.”


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