Home Administration Rayagada Admin Suspends public Transportation

Rayagada Admin Suspends public Transportation

Rayagada Admin Suspends public Transportation

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By JP Sahu

Mr Promod Ku. Behera, DM Rayagada

The unconditional controversy raise day to day in Rayagada, due to persisting aspire on Covid19 cases in the District. The District administration keeping everything in sight has taken a decision to Suspend all public transport services to Ganjam, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar on Thursday till next order. The DM of Rayagarh Mr Promod Ku. Behera has also asked for stringent actions if anyone violates the norms in this regard. 

The administration urgently petitioned people of Rayagada for modest conspiracy. Anybody visiting Rayagada from other districts needs to register their name and prior approval of district magistrate.

If any person lay the first stone to infringe the norms and jeopardizing the community will be put into institutional quarantine for a minimum of seven days.

Even those who travel on a day-to-day basis, Government officials, contractual employees including private employees need to prior authorization from the Collector processed through PD, DRDA cum COVID Nodal officer via email only.

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