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Record in the sensex; BSE opens at 49,000


The stock market is booming today. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) ‘s Sensex opened at 49,100.96 points by increasing 318.45 points. Similarly, the National Stock Exchange rose 83.60 points to 14,430.90 points.

Today, for the first time, the Sensex crossed the 49,000 mark again. About 1689 companies in the BSE participated in the stock market from the beginning today. It started with an increase in shares of about 1,295 companies and a decline in shares of 310 companies. Similarly, the shares of 84 companies have been started without any loss.

Record in the sensex; BSE opens at 49,000 1
Image Source : Times Of India

Shares of Wipro opened at around Rs 4,40.65 per share. Shares of Infosys opened at Rs 1,344.30 with an increase of Rs 32. In the case of HCL Tech, the stock opened at Rs 1,012.25 with an increase of Rs 18, while the share of Tata Steel decreased by Rs 11 to open at Rs 702.75. Similarly, shares of Axis Bank fell by Rs 5 to Rs 668.20 and shares of Kotak Mahindra fell by Rs 12 to open at Rs 1,959.00 today.

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