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Sonu Sood: “Factual Soul”

Sonu Sood Factual Soul

2020 has virtually materialized with a bulk size of devastation in human existence. But we also saw a glimpse of a few public figures who risked their lives to help the needy. Amongst all, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood was unique. He is a pure soul.

He jumped into action from day one to serve others. He generously distributed 25,000 face protection masks to Maharashtra Police. Home Minister, Anil Deshmukh thanked him for his substantial offering during the testing times. 

He undertook an endeavour of smoothly coordinating the movement of miscellaneous migrants during the Covid-19 catastrophe. He did everything to assist and encourage people during the pandemic situation. He even arranged transportation for many migrants across the country.

People were amazed when Sonu Sood and his team rolled out a toll-free number so that migrants could reach out to him easily. This initiative was widely hailed by politicians, celebrities and his fans.

On Wednesday, it was proclaimed that Sonu Sood would pen a book about his experience of aiding migrants during the Corona pandemic. Penguin Random House will be published “yet-to-be” labelled book.

Also, the actor had professed monetary assistance for over 400 families of migrant labourers who were encompassed and died due to Covid-19. He also petitioned people to bolster distance while prowling airy, in case any emergency arises. He appealed the masses to follow ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ guideline to fight the deadly pandemic

Article Written By JP Sahu

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