Sri Lanka cancels Imran Khan’s parliamentary address


The Pakistani media is now buzzing over Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Sri Lanka. This is the first foreign visit by the Pakistani prime minister since the Covid-19 epidemic. However, the Pakistani media is now looking at the changes in the scheduled schedule in connection with India-Sri Lanka relations. .

Imran will tour Sri Lanka on February 22. He was also scheduled to address the Sri Lankan parliament, among other things. According to Narendra Fernando, a member of parliament, the Sri Lankan parliament is not scheduled in Imran’s visit.

The Pakistani media is now looking at the information from the Colombo Gazette website. Imran is the first foreign leader to visit Sri Lanka since Covid-19. During Imran’s visit, he will meet with the President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka. However, according to the Sri Lankan newspaper ‘Express’, Parliamentary Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abayavardhana has expressed interest in canceling Imran’s address in Parliament over Covid-19, Foreign Secretary Jayant Colombez said.

Pakistan’s leading media outlet “Dawn” has said that there are many theories in Sri Lanka that does not want Imran to address the parliament. They want relations with India not to be bad. Relations between the two countries have recently been strained due to the cancellation of the East Continent terminal agreement. So Imran’s address to the Sri Lankan parliament could be strained,” he said.

Pakistan continues to make Kashmir an international issue. In it, Imran will definitely raise the issue of Kashmir in the context of his speech. The Pakistani media has speculated that the Sri Lankan government may feel that India is outraged.

Imran’s Islamic policy could also be another reason. Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country where Islam is a minority. The government is also speculating that the government’s biased policies on the issue of Islamic persecution and the issue in the country by a large number of Buddhists could be the issue of Imran.

Image Source : The Hindu

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