The Quintessence of Teaching

The Quintessence of Teaching

Teaching is something that can hardly be inculcated in others. It has a unique feature. You may be super talented, even successful but may not necessarily be a great teacher. It’s probably something that is ingrained in an individual. But after meeting a formidable teacher having huge fame and name among hundreds of thousands of students across the state, it’s been cleared that it’s like the Basil leaves smell from their tender shoots.

I am talking about someone who breathes in and out with teaching. He is the reason for giving smiles to numerous students on a daily basis for their stupendous success in cracking Medical Science and Engineering in India’s top exams by the dint of his numero-uno teaching methodology. That methodology always defines the yardstick of the quality of being a great teacher.

He also confided exclusively to The Interview Times that he used to teach his batch mates during his study which means at his 11th and 12th he could able to teach his own friends with ease. Therefore, he believes possibly even echoed by his School teachers, “I could excel in teaching because of my understanding of any subject in details having an idea of patience and discipline. Since then, he has always seen a teacher in him.

Today, he is the proud owner of Mayadhar Classes which is a huge brand in Medical and Engineering Coaching Centres at the heart of Bhubaneswar. It is an independent institution unlike the other Franchise kind of Coaching Centres based in Bhubaneswar.

Which is why most brilliant students join there but we teach mostly average students that’s a tough job for bringing 100 per cent results from the student’s perspective. That’s why Mayadhar Classes is deep-rooted in quality teachings. There is no room for experimenting with teachers having no experience. Quality has driven our passion to a different level.

COVID has hit us very badly as enrolments have gone down a little bit but our online classes have been commendable. We have never stopped teaching online right through the COVID just because of the key annual exams of Medical and Engineering of our students. Mayadhar Classes’ success story rests on the performance of our students.

When we talked about commercialization of education, he was prompt enough to air his view that he doesn’t mind who runs an educational institute but teaching must be the fulcrum of any kind of institute. Playing with students’ life is closely likened to the killing of their dreams. Once you commit to the students, never let them down at any stage.

He has taken a new initiative of opening a +2 Science College in Bhubaneswar on the CBSE pattern where students can prepare themselves for Medical and Engineering while continuing their studies. Hope it will be a trendsetter in making students dream possible.

He, too, clarified there is no short cut to teaching profession it’s a dedication to the society. I feel honoured being a teacher where I could realise many dreams into reality.

Written By Dibyajit Sahu

Image Source InterviewTimes

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