Home Education Times Online Classes: The New Bridge For The Education System During COVID Pandemic

Online Classes: The New Bridge For The Education System During COVID Pandemic

Online Classes: The New Bridge For The Education System During COVID Pandemic

The education system which we all know is the most important aspect of every human life. Not only for an individual but for it helps a country a self-sustaining and volatile. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, things have been upside down as the normal lifestyle of the people across the globe has changed.

Today’s world has turned into more virtual than reality. All the institutional schools and academic centers have been shut down since March in India. This has led to affecting the educational system in India very adversely.

Due to which the educational centres have shifted to virtual platforms where online classes are conducted. This probably the alternative way or we can say the only way out to redeem the lost track of the academic courses. But how effective this way is for the students, academy and the teachers!

We are witnessing the swelling numbers of Coronavirus cases which makes us think about the future lifestyle which has been completely changed.

The Government and the private organizations are their level best to aid each other by regulating up their existing online platforms, apps, and providing training to teachers to use online mobile applications and platforms. 

Moreover, counselling, upskilling, and motivating the teachers, parents, and students are some of the important measures being taken by the administration in recent times. The government is providing various online platforms like teacher-learning material suitable for online classes.

Online Classes: The New Bridge For The Education System During COVID Pandemic

The central government launched the PM e-VIDYA platform, with 12 new DTH channels, one for each class to reach the students who want to learn. Even the teachers are conducting online classes where students are taking classes.

But this virtual world of education has also divided a bridge between students who can afford the online classes and who cannot. This digital world has split between the rural and urban and rich and poor.

Many children from the rural and poor sectors cannot afford this digital platform educational system or some don’t even know how to access the internet which is leading these children to lack education.

Teachers and students are having their own struggles while accessing these online platforms. Some due to financial problems students are not able to access the internet and are void of computers or laptops or phones. Even those students who have necessary facilities for online classes face barriers with the unavailability of physical spaces.

Even Post COVID also things won’t be as easy as it seems. Resuming the schools and colleges can have a high impact on the spread of viruses as social distancing is the utmost rule to be followed by every individual with such an alarming situation.  

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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