Home Technology Twitter Introduces Arthouse To India To Compete With Facebook and Google

Twitter Introduces Arthouse To India To Compete With Facebook and Google

Twitter -Brings -Arthouse To- India -To -Compete -With -Facebook -And -Google

Blogging platform Twitter is launching in-house, global creative services ArtHouse in India to help brands create Twitter-first video content.

Such social media platforms would set up a team that would help brands create mobile-first ad creatives, artists, and digital video producers to help design content for Twitter feed.

In India, the ArtHouse team has already begun conversations with various local advertising and marketing agencies to kickstart brand partnerships.

It was launched in July last year globally, and services include creator influence partnerships, video editing, and live brand studio.

Currently, ArtHouse collaborates with a team across the US, UK, Brazil, Japan, and Singapore. Twitter, along with 18 million users in India, focusing on video ad formats to boost revenue.

India stood as the sixth-largest market for consuming video ads, according to a report by the Mobile Marketing Association and GroupM.

Twitter ArtHouse would trigger in markets where we have a strong user base and ad business.
Another reason that makes it a crucial time to introduce in India is the festive season that is coming up.

We knew Indian brands produce some of their best workaround festive campaigns, of course, and are more actively shopping and interacting with the market,” said Stacy Minero, global head at Twitter ArtHouse.

ArtHouse has helped create campaigns for Nissan during its sponsorship promotion in ICC Cricket World Cup.
It even survived Samsung produce content series to tap the #Work From home conversation and know how their products make working remotely easier.

While Adidas return to Twitter and sports was done with an edited version of a television ad generating 13.6 million views on the social media platform.

Twitter is often perceived as a podium amplifying conversations and campaigns through hashtags, gradually positioning itself as a video-friendly place for brand promotions.

Apart from launching six-second long-short video ad formats last year, it currently offers promoted video, in-stream video sponsorships, and 15 –second video ad formats competing with massive video platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Both Facebook and Google have invested in teams that work with creator community brands to create campaigns and promotional activities in India.

According to a GroupM advertising forecast, India’s digital advertising market is expected to touch ₹27 000 crores in 2020, led by video, voice, and vernacular advertising.
“Google and Facebook collectively take away 80% of this market and clearly Twitter is planning to take a chunk in this revenue pie,” Puri added.

Bringing ArtHouse to India is an excellent move by Twitter because all creators and influencers have a microblogging site.

Video consumption is lesser on Twitter than platforms such as Instagram, or Facebook ArtHouse can lead to a boost in better video content, thereby increasing its consumption,” Prashant Puri, co-founder, and chief executive of digital marketing agency AdLift.

Written by- Mousami jena
Image Courtsey- Google

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