Twitter Removed Home Minister Amit Shah’s Display Picture Citing Copyright Violation


The social media platform Twitter removed the display photo of Home Minister Amit Shah from his official account on Thursday night.  After a while, the display photo was reappeared.  This was done according to the news agency ANI because someone had rightly claimed a copy of the photo on the display.

However, Amit Shah’s display photo was seen again shortly after.  On Thursday night, Home Minister Amit Shah’s display photo caption read “Media Not Display”.  Twitter also reported that someone had claimed a copy of the photo, so the step was taken under their copyright violation policy. “Due to an inadvertent error, we temporarily locked this account under our global copyright policies. The decision was reversed immediately and the account is fully functional” said a spokesperson of the microblogging site.

According to reports there were no other details available from Twitter. Twitter’s copyright policy states – “In general, the photographer and not the subject of a photograph is the actual rights holder of the resulting photograph”.

Amit Shah is very popular on social media.  He is named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has the most followers on Twitter.  Amit Shah has 23.6 million followers.  He is following only 296 people.

 Recently, the BCCI’s official Twitter handle removed the display photo from Twitter.  Someone else wrote a copyright claim on the display photo.

By Akankshya Mahapatra

Image Source : Google

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