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WHO Research Team To Investigate COVID-19 Origins In China’s Wuhan


The Coronavirus pandemic has taken billion of lives, and people are still suffering from this dangerous pandemic. But the origin of this virus is still not released by the scientists or any authorities. Now the World Health Organization (WHO), with a team of 10 International scientists, will travel to Wuhan next month to find the origin of the COVID-19.

The World Health Organisation officially stated that by next month world’s best scientists will be visiting Wuhan to find out the origin. Initially, it was reported that the virus came from the Wet market in Wuhan, and it was suggested that this was where it made the leap from animals to humans.

According to the BBC report, biologists of the WHO team stated that WHO is not seeking to blame but instead will prevent future outbreaks. The main motive is not to find out which country is to blame but to find out the originality of the virus so that it will help prevent such outbursts in the future.

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The report further states that Beijing has already agreed to an independent inquiry, and it has taken many months of compromises for the WHO to be allowed access to the city. As it was initiated, that virus came from the town’s market, which sells animals, but the research for the source has led to tensions, especially with the US.

The mission’s main aim is to find out when the virus began circulating and whether or not it originated in Wuhan, and it is expected to last four or five weeks.

As per the research, the coronaviruses capable of infecting humans may have been circulating undetected in bats for decades.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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