19-year-old BJB college student commits suicide; note blames three seniors


The 19-year-old Buxi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar Autonomous College student had spoken with her mother on the phone on Saturday, a few hours before she allegedly committed herself. She reportedly chatted with the victim’s mother, a Plus III first-year History Honors student, at 8 am.

The girl told one of her pals that she had something to tell her on Friday night. The victim then informed her pal that she would talk about it the next morning. She mentioned being harassed by her three seniors in a suicide note that was allegedly written by her. She left out any names, though, from the note.

About 70 students at the Karubaki Ladies Hostel were questioned by Badagada police officials on Sunday in an effort to identify the pupils who are accused of harassing the woman. According to Bhubaneswar DCP Prateek Singh, the investigation is still ongoing and appropriate action would be taken. Dr. Minati Behera, the chairwoman of the State Commission for Women, paid a visit to BJB College that day and requested that police wrap up their investigation as soon as possible because some students have exams the following week.

Higher Education Minister Rohit Pujari sent his sympathies to the victim’s family on Sunday and promised that the government will take the necessary steps as soon as it received the investigation’s final findings. A first-year medical student at Balangir’s Bhima Bhoi Medical College and Hospital is said to have perished in April after falling over the hostel’s roof. The victim’s parents claimed that their son had been subjected to senior staff ragging.

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