256-Mt Chimney Finally Demolished After 2 Failed Attempts In Odisha

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

A 256-metre chimney was pulled down on Monday with the help of explosives by a team of experts in Kurunti village of Dhenkanal district. “It was difficult to demolish the chimney as it was in a strong shape. Demolition was carried out as it was not functional. Two prior attempts were made to demolish it, but it was successful this time as the prior efforts had weakened the structure,” said AK Sharma, head of the demolition team.

Talking about the details of the demolition, he informed, “750 kgs of explosives were used, and it was planned in such a way that the village will be spared and the chimney would fall in the pits and mud on the opposite side. No damage is reported and there were zero vibrations.”

The 256-metre structure had a 50 metre diameter and 160 metre perimeter. Explosives worth Rs 15 lakh were used for this project by the demolition team. It is claimed by the team to be one of the highest structure to be demolished till date.

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