ACS and Police DG address the people of the state in a press meet


Additional Chief Secretary Pradeepta Mohapatra and Police DG Abhay addressed the people of the state on the situation of Covid 19. Regarding vaccination in the state, ASC Pradeep Mohapatra said there are a total of 1.18 crore people over the age of 45 in the state. Of these, 73.55 lakh have already taken the first dose. It is time for the second dose of 2.93 million of the people to be vaccinated. Of those, 58,000 were given a second dose. Eight per cent of health workers in the state have been vaccinated with the first dose and 7 per cent of health workers have been vaccinated with the second dose.

Regarding the vaccination, ACS Pradeep Mohapatra said, “Covaxin is given only in the metropolitan areas of Bhubaneswar.” The vaccine is being given in private hospitals in the state. In addition, those who have been vaccinated for the first time at a private hospital can get a second dose for free from a government hospital.

Notably lockdown has imposed in the state from May 5. On the other hand police dg said “Some do not comply with the lockdown,” . The police are tough on them. Fines are also levied on those who disobey Covid’s rules and walk around under the pretext. As of April 1, they have been fined Rs 15 crore.

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